Ultra Violet
One of Art Marketing Sсhool's most recent collaboration projects was with the an amazing artist and muse of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol - Ultra Violet. Katrakis spent some time staying with her in her studio in Nice, France, watching her work and filming the longest and most detailed documentary about Ultra Violet ever made. She also wrote a set of interview based articles with the star, which are truly a confession.
Few months after - the greatest muse of the 21st century - Ultra Violet - died.
Ultra Violet artworks for changes
65x97, marker on paper, 2014
Ultra Violet's last art work which she did right in front of camera during her last video confession. Male and female flying together entwined.

Art for Change is a charity project, which was founded by David Datuna and Art Marketing School, that aims to fight global problems. Now our main target is the virus pandemic COVID-19.

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