Conor Mccreedy
Conor Mccreedy is a South African born artist who is based in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. Since beginning his career in New York in the mid 2000's, Mccreedy has developed a body of work that is uniquely discernible in both style and content. At this mid-stage in his career, Mccreedy has arrived at a focus on four essential themes: a singular focus on one colour; inspiration from the heroes of Abstract Expressionism; a long fascination with Chaos Theory; and a sincere reverence for nature.

The artist urges the buyer to donate the funds to The Solidarity Response Fund is Uniting South Africa in the light of COVID-19 Global Pandemic. It is leading mission of help for WHO in South Africa.
Mccreedy artworks for changes
Chaotic Intersections
Pignent and oil paint on canvas
80 cm * 80 cm
The primary concern of the abstractionist is typically the structure or the nature of reality; whilst the expressionist is concerned with the human condition. This piece is from a series that precisely balances the two as it is concerned with the impact of our current reality on the human condition. As an individual awake in the universe, and an artist driven by a responsibility to the greater public discourse, Mccreedy is articulating the chaos of the socio-political climate of right now, with all it's moral, spiritual and civilization-impacting effects, onto the canvas. For underneath all the chaos, each canvas hints at a closed system that was ultimately doomed by its own limitations and short-sightedness. As such, this is a deeply conceptual series.

Art for Change is a charity project, which was founded by David Datuna and Art Marketing School, that aims to fight global problems. Now our main target is the virus pandemic COVID-19.

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