Anthony Liggins
Liggins is well known for his rustic, dreamlike abstracts and multi-layered paint process. Liggins studied fashion design and merchandising at Delaware State University and American Intercontinental University in Atlanta and London and completed an apprenticeship with French couturier Claudine Taubault. He spent 10 years as a fashion designer and designed blouses for the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Vanessa Williams, and Halle Berry. The creativity that spurred the success of his signature blouses has carried over into his contemporary abstract artwork.
Anthony Liggins artworks for changes
Trancending time
Artwork by Anthony Liggins. It's a explosive sunset awakening after a storm, in deep burgundies, oranges, reds, pinks, fuchsia, deep on the big island of Hawaii.

Art for Change is a charity project, which was founded by David Datuna and Art Marketing School, that aims to fight global problems. Now our main target is the virus pandemic COVID-19.

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