Robert Graves
Robert Graves was an English poet, novelist, critic, classical scholar and professor of poetry at the University of Oxford. His more than 120 books include historical novel I, Claudius (1934); the autobiographical classic of World War I, Good-Bye to All That (1929), and The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth (1948).
Graves poetry for changes
The Troll's Nosegay by Robert Graves (1918)
Read by Tomas Graves
art4changes would like to celebrate the great legacy and eternal message of Robert Graves, through their cause. Since his message was that of beauty, of the overwhelming power of the Nature, which can and will strike back, when neglected and disrespected by humanity. His message, was the universal call for Love, the only Force which can Save the World. This poem is a great example of Graves's admiration for nature and sensuality.

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