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Art for changes

A charity project that aims to combat the virus pandemic COVID-19
Simply sitting home will not change the world, acting from home to provide real help – will!

art4changes is a charity project, which was founded by David Datuna and Art Marketing School, that aims to fight global problems. Now our main target is the virus pandemic COVID-19.
The most famous world artists give their paintings, artwork, lecture, music and other projects for sale, and the proceeds from the sale of these works go to the support of scientists and doctors who oppose this virus.
We work together with 3 major foundations dealing with the cause as their partners: Red Cross (all countries of the world), WHO (world health organization), CDC (centers for disease control). The buyer of the (artwork, memorabilia, merchandise, music track, lecture, book etc) pays the sum (cost of the particular object) directly to the charity of his choice and in the country of his choice. We do not handle the money at all, only promote the cause of these tree major global foundations which need help and support in Covid-19 pandemic crisis.
Buy and help
All funds from the sale of artwork, memorabilia, merchandise, music tracks, lectures, books etc go to charities that fight the virus around the world
Donate your work and help
You can join Us as an artist by donating your artwork, lecture, music and other projects. Email us and we will contact you shortly
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Get free lecture and help
In the light of COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Art Marketing School developed a series of psychological art-therapy webinars "Healing through Creation" special for art4changes
Charity funds with which we cooperate
How it works
The buyer chooses the work he or she likes to buy and chooses on the site the charity that helps COVID-19. Then the buyer sends the needed amount directly to the charity (we get a receipt of transaction from the charity that this sum of money was received, from this person).

You can choose the foundation and the location, which you want to aid. All of these foundations work internationally and globally. You are welcome to send the money, towards a particular county of your choice! The sum is exactly the price of the work.

We make NO money on any of it! Both the buyer and the artist will get that receipt from the charity too, as a confirmation of a perchance. At that point the buyer chooses the currier, that he or she wants to use and pays the shipment, and insurance directly. The courier contacts the artist regarding the pick up details.

The same is true, for music uploads by famous musicians or masterclass uploads for famous actors. Except that it's even simpler since no shipping is required.

So the system is very transparent and the buyer pays directly to the charity of his/her choice, and to the courier of his choice. It is really the only way that we can guarantee honesty, transperancy and real help not fraud. Because we truly care about our cause!
Our partners
International Exquisite merchandise producers, have also joined the art4changes cause. Their partnership helps art4changes reach out to a larger audience world-wide and make a difference!
HOC Perfume

Renown HOC Perfume Brand is donating its exquisite fragrances to the cause.
Ernst Benz

Swiss Watch Company, Ernst Benz is donating a 47mm ChronoSport automatic Yellow Abstract Dial Limited Edition 1/25" Art & Time" by Anthony Liggins timepiece to the cause. As well as developing a limited-edition watch inspired by the art4Changes spirit and mission.
Petochi Jewels

Exclusive '1884 Collection by Petochi Jewelry House' is donating 1884 Collection by Petochi 18kt yellow gold slide pendant with original antique Roman Coin made in Italy. Each piece is a one of a kind. No two coins are alike. 3 Hand-made wrap bracelets in leather and denim with buckle. Wraps hand painted by artist Anthony Liggins.Exclusive 1884 Collection Jewelry House is also developing the exclusive line of jewelry inspired by Art4Changes cause.
MSB Jewellery

MSB Jewellery is an iternational jewellery house established in 2001 in Milan. The essense of a brand is unique modern designs and centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship embodied in custom-made objects and jewellery collections. Each piece of jewellery by mSB is a masterpiece.


Our media partners in Australia & Asia
THE NOISE NETWORK is a pioneer digital new media company generating music news and interview content for multiple platforms. THE NOISE NETWORK was Australia's first digital music media publishing and syndication company.
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